Welcome to Sane Form

Sane Form is a company providing geometric modeling and shape optimization services to architects, developers and city planners. Our strength is based on our expertise in advance 3D CAD modeling combined with the power of optimization engines.

Our services aim to provide one or more of the following advantages to our clients:
(1) optimization of the geometry for aesthetics;
(2) reducing the costs of fabrication; and
(3) reducing the time for development.

Our customers are architects, façade developers (in many complex architecture projects, the skin and its substructure account for almost half of the project costs), developers, and possibly urban planners.

Modern architectural projects are increasingly using aggressive curved shapes. These shapes require advanced optimization techniques for improving development quality and costs. Our company is one of very few that focuses purely on the use of a combination of 3D CAD tools with math optimization engines in solving such problems.