Our specialization is in the area of managing complex 3D models containing a large number of correlated (parametric) design components. Such models are common in large-scale projects, such as architecture. In particular, when such models need to undergo any changes in shape or size, then this triggers a sequence of changes across the entire model. These changes are inter-related, and therefore modifications in the design often require some iterative hunting for a solution that is feasible, and in some sense, optimal. Since our services vary depending on the actual client requirements, we present a simple illustrative example of our capability.


Categories of Products

The first category includes systematic optimization of geometric problems typically related to architecture. An illustrative example was presented above.

The second category of services is in automation of design tasks to achieve speed-up. An example is the design of an intelligent framework for façade design with another client. This allowed the frame of every window to be generated by driving the geometry of the frame components via automatic measurements made off the 3D model of the building façade. Such model generation typically takes several man-weeks of effort for a set of 1000 window panels. Our automation generated the entire model in under one week. Parametric CAD is being adopted by many companies, which therefore have good CAD engineers in-house. However, geometric optimization requires writing API programs and developing tools that are beyond the capability of most companies. Therefore our customers are companies that can identify design issues, and recognize that to solve such issues is not merely a problem requiring re-design, but rather, solving optimization problems to drive the re-design process.